Bridal Shoes Can Make Or Break Your Perfect Moment

Why Bridal Shoes Can Make Or Break Your Perfect Moment

Bridal shoes play an important role in a wedding more than what most people can imagine. We end up thinking that bridal dress makes up everything in a wedding for a bride. But that’s where most people are wrong.

Why everything goes haywire?

Most brides like to flaunt their bridal dress and if the shoes don’t match perfectly it can be a huge mess and waste of all that time selecting that perfect dress for that perfect moment. You could end up looking weird or walking clumsy if you do not get a good design and the correct size. It has happened in several occasions where bridal shoes have resulted in embarrassing moments and surely none of us would want to have one of those don’t we?

Some things to remember while selecting a bridal shoe

  • Comfortability- Make sure it’s comfortable. Don’t end up buying a shoe just because it looks pretty. You end up wearing this shoes for almost a whole day and if it’s too tight and feels clumsy you are in for a tough time thought the day, not to mention the soreness you experience for next several days.
  • Colour – Choose a colour which matches your bridal dress but with some richness. Say for a white bridal dress choose a rich cream coloured tone or you could choose a slightly metallic coloured ones.
  • Heel size- Higher heel sizes may look good. But don’t end up taking something that is too much to handle.
  • Design – Try to go on the bridal shoes which go less heavy on designs. Your bridal shoes should not end up overpowering your bridal dress designs. Go with the one having a nice simple flower design or a knot in the front.

These are just some tips that can go a long way in helping you for that moment.

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