Von Teese Lingerie The  Inside Story

Dita Von Teese Lingerie The  Inside Story

Dita Von Teese nee Heather Sweet of West Branch, Michigan, spent her growing days in fascination of the classical lingerie and the Hollywood. This influenced her to become a glamour girl and she later went on to become a burlesque heroine and finally became a fashion designer with specialty in lingerie.


Like her line of clothes, the lingerie launch was very well received and created an intrigue among the people. Her fascination for the classical vintage styles came through distinctly in her lingerie collection. Every time a new line is launched, there are enthusiastic reviews and the popularity of this brand shoots right through the roof.


Dita Von Teese’s collection is characterized by classic style and panache. While it retains the glamour quotient, it does not compromise on the comfort aspect. Even the gossamer collection is very comfortable. The lingerie line also had the daily wear brassier which looks and feels comfortable to wear while bringing out the best in you. Her line of clothes and lingerie are characterized by the detailing like quilting in them. Quilting is a characteristic feature of vintage clothes. Her creations are wonderfully sensual and attractive which promise to put the “oomph” factor in you.


The goddess of sensuality collaborated with the internationally known lingerie brand “Wonderbra” and created a lingerie line exclusive for them. Her creations for Wonderbra include sensual lace creations, leopard print creations and satin and lace creations- each more appealing than the other.

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