Summer Feet With Sperry Shoes

Summer Feet With Sperry Shoes

Come summer and you start worrying about smelly sweaty feet and the discomfort of having to walk around in closed shoes the whole day long. That’s where the Sperry shoes help. What’s more, they can be worn with just about anything and to any occasion, with great aplomb.

How it all began

The shoes were first born out of necessity when Paul Sperry the founder of the shoe company decided to create anti skid shoes for his fellow boatmen and himself. He stuck a handmade sole carved with the herringbone design onto the sole of his regular sneakers and tried it. It worked very well and was skid proof too.   That heralded the beginning of Sperry shoes!


Some specific features distinguish the Sperry shoes from the others. The upper portion above the sole is generally made of leather and is hand sewn. They sport leather laces or synthetic laces. As they have only toe of three lace chinks, they are easy to slip on and worn without socks. The soles are generally ribbed in the herringbone pattern to prevent from slipping.

Usage mode

They are most suited for the summers and since summers are hot and sweaty, they are best worn without socks. But, if you don’t feel comfortable without socks, wear a light pair.  The usage mode is up to you. On slightly cooler days, they can be worn without socks. Though the fit snugly rarely do they cause blisters when worn without socks. They come in sprightly colors and can easily be teamed with any attire to present a “cool cucumber” look.

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