How To Properly Walk  In Heel Less Heels

How To Properly Walk  In Heel Less Heels

Fashion has taken many turns since the start of time and every fashion designer has put in their ideas and created masterpieces of their own kind. One of the most prominent ideas was the heel less heels. They were kind of peculiar to the eyes but they are fantastic. These certain types of heels created by Lady Gaga’s fashion designers have reached their fair share of negativity from the media but the option to where them is entirely yours.

Many ladies struggle with wearing these heels but here is an easy guide for you to follow. It needs much practice but as long as you follow these steps you are good.

  • Keep posture straight

Your shoulders should be up and relaxed and your belly in. Greater engagement of belly and hips is needed.

  • Weight Shifting

When you walk bring all your weight on your toes and the ball of your feet. Since the shoe does not have any heels you do not have anything to relax your heels on.

  • Narrower Steps

Longer strides lead to you positioning all your body’s weight on your heels and that can’t happen for heel less heels do not have heels. Take shorter strides and it will be easier.

There are some types of heel less heels that have a heavier front end and that helps in weighing down your feet. It takes time for you to pick the right heel less heels so do not rush anything. Take your time in trying on different types of these heels in a physical store.

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