Introducing Scarves For Men

 Introducing Scarves For Men

At times referred to as neck warps or mufflers, scarves are simply pieces of clothing commonly worn around the neck. They can be worn for various reasons including as part of uniform (scouts), as religious dressing (Orthodox Church Bishops) and as fashion. With exception of uniform and religion, scarves worn as part of fashion are general and are worn by both men and women.

Scarves for Men

Scarves for men can be found in different sizes, styles and color. However, they differ from scarves for women. Scarves designed for men generally do not feature animal prints, are not in bright colors, are not worn with pins, are not see-through, are of medium size, do not feature excess fringes and are not very elaborate. Such scarves are traditionally designed to be worn by women.

Men wear scarves for two main reasons the first of which is to protect against cold. Scarves become very useful pieces of clothing in cold weather and a man only needs to tie one around the neck to protect against the cold. Men also wear scarves during warm weather depending on their occupation in which case scarves serve to absorb sweat. Just like with women, men also wear scarves to add some level of style in their outfit. It is common knowledge that men outfits are not that colorful and adding a scarf compliments any outfit’s overall style. Like with scarves designed for women, scarves for men can be made of any fabric including wool, cotton, silk, linen or synthetic material among other fabric.

Scarf Styles

There are simply many ways of wearing scarves. The wearing style refers to the knot tied to have a scarf in place. Some of the knots include European knot, Ascot knot, drape knot, single wrap knot, double wrap knot and loop/tuck knot among others. Regardless of knot, scarves for men need to remain simple but functional.

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