Vintage Bags Care And Usage

Vintage Bags Care And Usage

You may have already searched for ladies handbags for 2016 and have checked all the new trendy bags that are there in the market by the top brands. No matter how attractive they look, the vintage bags have an edge over them. Ladies cannot get rid of the magnetic attraction of the vintage bags. They allure you with their deep natural leather shades and sturdy looking designs. The most obvious is the color choice of these little bags – light and serene colors look really feminine!

If you have not yet enjoyed carrying a vintage bag, you have missed a good chance of style in your appearance.  Vintage bags are usually distinguished with their golden buckles and leather straps. The designs that look antique and remind you of old novel characters garner more praise.

After getting a cute bag from the vintage bags collection take good care of it.  The buckles must be polished with brass metal polish every winter. Keep your vintage bags clean from spots and discoloration by proper care and cleaning.  Cleaning the leather from the grease and dust is also must. You can use damp cloth to do that. Dry the bag fully before you store it carefully in your cupboard.

Whether you buy a new vintage bag from the market or have it gifted to you from your aunt or grandma, it holds the same aura of grace that vintage accessories do. Holding your little clutch while going out one evening or having a bulky vintage bag on your shoulder is a unique style to approach!


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