Gothic Clothing Styles

Gothic Clothing Styles

Introduction to gothic clothing and style

Gothic clothing is a clothing style. This style has been around for the past couple of centuries. It is a very unique style that is not adopted by the majority of the people around the world. There are many distinctive features of gothic clothing. Gothic fashion is characterized by dark, mysterious and similar colored pieces of clothing. Cosmetics that give a gothic look include dark finger paint and dark eyeliner. Gothic fashion is similar to other styles like punk fashion and emo fashion. Many influential people around the world have adopted a gothic style like David Bowie, Morticia Adams and Robert Smith. These people are considered to be icons of this style genre.

Fashion guide

You can use gothic clothing to portray your dark, wild and evil side. After all, clothing is a form of art and can be used to express your mood, feelings and personality. There is no specific piece of clothing that is required to achieve a gothic style. Normal everyday clothes like jeans, t-shirts, shirts and dresses can work perfectly fine. But one thing to keep in mind is that wearing tight and fitting clothing will really enhance your gothic persona. Most importantly, you should only wear gothic clothing only if you are comfortable and it should make you feel powerful and confident. There are many places and occasions where gothic clothing can really make you look fit for the occasion or stand out. These occasions include heavy rock concerts, parties and at bars.

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