Style With Red Shorts

Style With Red Shorts

Short are most useful when you want to keep cool and stay trendy in hot weather conditions. You can effortlessly look chic and uber cool with a pair of shorts, casual tops, flip-flops or sandals. Adding some jazzy accessories and wearing just the right amount of makeup will add on to the charm. Now coming on to the specifics of wearing a pair of red shorts, it became very popular after it appeared in a brand’s street styled gallery during the summer of 2008. It was mentioned in one of the blog’s where the blogger wore the red shorts that were high-waisted with a black shirt and vintage hat along with a pair of sunglasses and then the style caught on and several bloggers from all over the United States started talking about them. For ladies, red shorts can be paired with absolutely anything to make them look beautiful. Some combinations would include, wearing a polka dotted top with black sandals or a white long-sleeved formal shirt with a dark blazer coat. The quality of the short also matters and good quality oxford red shorts are made with faux leather waist band that prevents in stretching of the fabric and therefore lasts longer.

Tips for men on how to carry red shorts:

Red has several shades to it and if a darker color such as maroon or cherry is used, the other fabric used for the shirt should be of a cooler tone. Black gray or blue and yellow under toned shirts will go well with red shorts. You can also team it up with cream or navy tops and black sporty shoe to complete the look.

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