Hijab Styles For Face

Hijab Styles For Face

What is hijab?

Hijab is the head scarf which is usually worn by the Muslim women. Many of the girls the hijab as it adds the grace to the personality and thus it is important to choose the right hijab styles but it can also be a bit tricky. The hijab styles should be chosen such that it suits the face and its shape. The oval face shape is considered as the best one and the style of hijab suits best.

Styles of hijab

Hijab are used and they are wrapped in different styles around the face. The different hijab styles are the net and sequin scarf, triangle scarf, Spanish wrap, etc. Some of the hijab are available in the stitched form. While styling the hijab around your face you should make sure about your chin. You should know your face type and if you think that your forehead is wide than the chin then it can be controlled with the volume on neck and chest.

The hijab styles depend on the shape of face. If your face is square then the Kuwait hijab should be sued as they soften the features. For round shaped face the Turkish hijab is more suitable and it will enhance the features.  Long shaped face, you can shorten the face with the under cap. The al amirah style suits the best and you should avoid the styles which can lengthen the face. The rectangular face is best suited with the hijab style which can lengthen the face with style. Style yourself as per your face shape.

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