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Dress Shirt

An expertly tailored dress shirt had always been a wardrobe staple for men. Some of its designs go perfectly with a tie while some are best worn with a pair of jacket. Either way, modern fashion has brought us to a time where we can finally bend or break the rules. And since we know that you like to try out something new, let us show how dress shirts can make a perfect complement to any wardrobe.

Major player in menswear

The contemporary pieces we see today have always taken their market into consideration. That is one of the reasons why dress shirts have evolved from plain whites into different colours and prints.

  • Can be worn with jeans (dark or faded)
  • Can look good with or without a tie, a jacket or an undershirt
  • You can wear it with a rugged pair of shoes and still look stylish

Streamlined appeal

Checker patterns look great for casual affairs and so are the dress shirts with slightly loose fit. If you’re seriously into style with substance, a plain or striped dress shirt can look good just as long as it fits perfectly. It should fit the belly, chest, sleeves and neck in the proper way to pull-off that tailored fit look. A dress shirt can also be worn with any V-neck or a crew-neck cotton tee shirt underneath. Just make sure that it comes with “snuggle fit” so your dress shirt will look nice and crisp all day.

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