What You Need To Know About Petite Maxi

What You Need To Know About Petite Maxi Skirt

I am a petite woman by nature and I have spent my early teenage years in struggling with nasty comments people make about my stature. On finding a good friend I came to know that although I can’t fight with nature however I can manage my shortcomings. Which is by the way no shortcoming, nature has designed me so and big things come in small packages.

Petite maxi skirt

To achieve a longer and leaner look choose for monochromatic petite maxi skirt. Work on accurate measurements. A poorly stitched ill fitting dress will in fact reveal your fatty flabs instead of hiding it.  Dress should be stitched with slim and trim cut that gives your body A line appearance concealing bulges. For adding on height try heels with petite maxi dress. Heels not only incorporate elegance and charm in your walk it also prolongs your height. But remember a word of caution and that is balance. Keep the balance between dress, shoes and hair do. You can get your dressing optimized by using fancy accessories such as belt and pendant jewelry. Problem of petite height worsen if you have additional weight. For that matter you can use vertical lines and some dark tones like black and deep blue.

Fabric and colors

Petite maxi skirt comes in different colors and fabrics. Jersey, silk and satin will look fabulous for petite maxi skirt. Choose color vigilantly depending upon look you want to create. For example for boho chic look you can buy black, brown, gray and olive green skirts.

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