History Of Nocona Grey Boots

History Of Nocona Grey Boots

Nocona boots is a division of a western brand called Justin brands. Justin brands is the owner of five leading footwear brands which makes it world’s largest footwear manufacturer. The history of Nocona grey boots goes like this. It was founded by Enid Justin in 1952. The purpose was to make western boots of very good quality in the town Enid Justin loved. Initially these Nocona boots were appreciated by cowboys who could order boots that were custom-fit. These custom-fit boots could help cowboys in their cattle drives. Nocona is a place in Texas and that is the reason why these western boots were called Nocona boots.

Nitigrities of Nocona Boots

Enid Justin, at the age of twelve started working in his father’s factory and gained a lot of knowledge there regarding the handicraft and the custom-fit boots. When Enid’s father died, she remained working in Nocona as her father wanted to set the business there only. A time came when the business flourished and one of the reasons was the discovery of oil near Nocona which brought many customers there.

Nocona Boots Positioning in the Market

Nowadays Nocona boots, especially Nocona grey boots still work on the cowboy custom-fit boots and offers an exotic and a diverse collection of footwear, such as collection in the fashion, legacy and most importantly western. This wide range of diverse variety of Nocona boots is available for men, women and even children of very small age. Also individuals can buy it online through its online retailer stores. However leather boots, ostrich boots and square toe boots are mostly preferred.

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