Dapper Designer Shirts For Men

The Dapper Designer Shirts For Men

Shopping compulsively was a malady that was unique to women. But, it seems like the men do not want to be left behind and have willingly been bitten by the shopping bug. That explains the sudden surge in men’s fashion.

The trend

It all started with the movie stars looking dapper in their attire and making a fuss about the dress shirt. The need for good looking shirts started gaining momentum and culminated in creating fashion trends in men’s shirts.

The dress shirt

The dress shirt that men wear is a garment which has buttons or fasteners along the front panel. It has long sleeves and is meant to be worn along with jackets or suits. It can be worn without the jacket too. Some men make a “carefully- casual“ impression with the dress shirt worn with the sleeves rolled up. The shirts are designed with variations in the design of the cuff and collar to suit various occasions.

The color and fit

The color of the dress shirt is very important as it sends out signals about the personality of the man wearing it. White has been and continues to be the favored color for the dress shirt as it is subtle and suave and does not give too much away. Over time, other colors stared making an appearance in the dress shirts. The colors range from soft pastels to solid dark shades. Blue and lavender with white color and cuff came to be accepted as the colors worn by the upwardly mobile men in the corporate and business world.  Along with colors it is important to wear a shirt that has a close and comfortable fit.

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