Stiletto Boots Compliment Your

Stiletto Boots Compliment Your Personality

You won’t find a single woman who does not like stiletto boots or does not wish to accentuate her personality with this sexy footwear. They look stylish and keep your foot much more protected in high heels than a delicate sandal. Though, sandals have their own fashion style and there are outfits that do not go but only with sandals but stiletto boots have another charm that is hard to resist.

First thing you need to know about stiletto boots is that they are worn with tights and skinnies to look prominent and stylish as they are. Wearing them with a mini skirt or a very short dress is not often recommended. A dress that reaches to your knees is a good option but mostly it is jeans and tights that make the top best matching option with these smart heels. Wearing them on bare legs is a bold statement as their leather over-the-knee feature looks fabulous against your tans legs.

As the choice stiletto boots is classy and depicts delicacy, avoid wearing chunky jewelry with these. Whether you wear it in the form of bulky bangles or necklaces, avoid them. Even the delicate jewelry must be chosen in little amount. A single thin gold chain is all what you can go with. Pick little diamond studs for a top class complement. A simple diamond ring in your finger is pretty enough. Color of your boots helps you determine the color of your outfit!  Brown boots are specific to a few shades only while black boots team with  a wider option of colors.

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