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  Dr Denim Jeans

Omnipresent Dr Denim Jeans

universally appealing jeans which came into existence in the
18th century, rode up the popularity chart in the
19th century to become the most favored garment. At
its outset, it was meant as a garment for the workers and laborers as it was
durable and sturdy


Overtime, it caught on with the pop culture and gained popularity
among the teenagers. It was loved and embraced by everyone as the most
comfortable and fashionable viable garment. Levi Strauss made it the most
sought after garment in the 19th century and it has
remained the most popular outfit among people from all walks of life the
world over. It is one garment that is popular among the people of all ages
the world over.

Fashionably versatile

The material, denim, was not only sturdy, it was versatile enough
to be molded into any fashionable garment like skirts, shirts, bags, shorts
etc. the jeans itself took on may fashionable avatars ranging from loose bell
bottoms to pleated to narrow skin tight jeans, manufacturers took advantage
of its universal appeal and versatility and started manufacturing the denim
jeans with bright prints, embossing, embroidery, embellishments with lace,
sequins and stones etc.

Universal appeal

The universally appealing pair of denim jeans, whatever form it
might take, is favored the most for its comfort, sturdiness, durability and
ease in usage. Though considered to a casual wear garment, it had been
accepted at formal dos too. Celebrities have been spotted sporting denim
jeans to award functions and formal meetings. The beauty of this garment is
that it looks distinguished and sophisticated with both formal jackets and
casual shirts.

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