Spiked Heels Making Trends With A

Spiked Heels Making Trends With A Difference

Looks to be a “painful” fashion style! These spiked heels are not very safe even for the wearer. They can spike your ankles and shins if you forget for a while that you are wearing a dangerous trend. What you really want from the spikes is style with a difference. This is the reason why the brands have offered spikes in heels with versatile designs and shapes. You want the spikes on heel, you can find them in a row from top of the heel to the ground or scattered on the above part of the heel. There are heels with their toes all covered with short and long spikes. Kicking with these can be fatal!

Girls choose the spiked heels in black color because they look more attractive. Shining pointy spikes on the black surface create the right shine to attract the gaze. Teaming your heels with the right sort of apparel is a bit tricky as these heels are street style by their looks more than party style.

Often jeans and street style clothes team perfectly with spiked heels. Distressed jeans and a good denim jacket on a plain floral shirt look perfect with a heel of this sort. Tights and wetlook pants are also a catchy match. Your options are many if you go searching for street styles but it is always your creativity that makes you aware of the right style for you and your dressing. Make sure that you keep the combination of all of your dress very casual and carefree as spiked heels are a uniquely different trend!

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