Shawl Collar Cardigan Essential Piece Of
Clothing  In Your Wardrobe

Shawl Collar Cardigan Essential Piece Of Clothing  In Your Wardrobe

Shawl collar cardigans have been the essential style accessories for decades. It is a piece of cloth that every man should have in his winter wardrobe. Shawl collar cardigans are versatile and offer range of designs. V neck sweatshirts and crewneck sweatshirts are good for layering but shawl collar cardigan is the one that stands out of all. It can be used as an alternative to jacket.

Fitting and size

Shawl collar cardigan is flexible and adjusts to the body shape accordingly. A cardigan should fit from shoulder to abdomen and widen slightly around the waist. While purchasing a cardigan make it a point to see that the cardigan covers your beltline.


Choose the colour of the cardigan according to your liking and that completes your outfit. It is best to choose grey coloured cardigan because grey being neutral colour, sets well with almost all the colours.

Style advices to wear a cardigan

As mentioned above shawl collar cardigans provide versatility to your outfit. You could wear a thick cardigan instead of a sport coat to work as it provides formal look better than the sport coat. You can also add a tie to your outfit along with a cardigan for formal occasions. There are also double breasted cardigans. The double netted cardigans help in keeping you warm. Some men wear cardigan under their jacket.

Washing tips

Hand washing is the safer method when it comes to cardigans. Dry cleaning is even safer method but it is expensive.

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