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How To
  Shop Online For Wide Width Boots

How To Shop Online For Wide Width Boots

Wide width boots create the best
footwear transition from summer into fall. But finding an incredible boot at
this time of the year can be frustrating, hence a search ought to be
initiated early enough. However, these boots have lately grown in number of
options to choose from hence not much hustle needs to be directed towards
finding the perfect boots.

Perhaps a simple guide to shopping for wide calf boots is all that
is needed to make a purchase without going completely insane.

Know the width of your calf

To determine the circumference of your calf, sit on a chair with
your knees at a 90o angle and measure the widest part
of your calf with a tape measure. Measure both calves and use the larger
measurement to determine the correct size when making an order. When looking
for boot that best fits you, check out for calf circumference, most boot
descriptions include this. Bear in mind that circumference of calf is
measured in medium shoe size which might be 7 or 8. If you have a larger
foot, your circumference will also be larger.

Know store’s return policy

Shopping for wide width boots can sometimes be tricky if you don’t
know your calf circumference well. As such, you may end up ordering a boot
that does not fit you well. The best thing with online shopping is that there
are always options in place to satisfy customers. Before making an order,
check out for the return policy. Some stores may offer free shipping for
returns while others may include a weight based charge.

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