Pony Shoes And  Its Brand 

Pony Shoes And  Its Brand  Image

History of Pony Shoes:

Pony is a very well known and established sports footwear brand that was started in 1972 in Madison Avenue, New York, The United States of America. It was designed by Roberto Muller and the financing was taken care of by the Chairman of Adidas Horst Dassler. It is now very popular all over the globe. It was in the middle of the eighties when Pony really reached a pinnacle in its sales and its revenue shot up to several million dollars. Almost all the champions of every major sport including, but not limited to the NBA Championship, Super Bowl and the World Cup is known to have definitely worn Pony shoes at one time or the other. It is the official brand for the American Basketball Association. It surely can boast of a long heritage and legacy that is alive till today as its fans include athletes such as Reggie Jackson, Wilson Chandler and Muhammed Ali.  They are normally made form high quality, durable leather.

The current state of Pony International:

Though Pony initially started its company by concentrating on manufacturing athletic shoes, now due to its enormous  growth, it also produces sports clothing and even street wear. It has partners from non-athletic celebrities. Several football kits have also been developed by Pony. Their most talked about product is the classic skater shoes which portrays modern cut and finish. They combine style and performance with unique designs. Pony shoes  is undoubtedly one of the top 50 well recognized brands of shoes in the world.

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