Best Ever Extra Wide Calf Boots

The Best Ever Extra Wide Calf Boots

These are the boots that are meant for people with plus sized feet. These are a sort of tall boots and they look elegant with skinny jeans. A best means of covering feet while hiking or heavy walks. There are a number of styles available in extra wide calf boots and here we are going to discuss some of them.

Styles in Extra wide Calf boots:

Though designing boot for plus sized women with heavy calves is a bit complicated because this shoe cannot be made in a delicate style and for a shoe to look delicate is quite necessary. Different sizes are available in extra wide calf boots and these are as under,

  • Wide calf minimum size-16 -18 inches boots
  • Extra wide style- 17.5 to 20 inches shoes
  • Super wider size- 18- 21 inches

These extra wide calf boots are designed in durable material which can hold the weight of a heavy foot easily. Most of these calf boots are made till the knee length and pure leather or silhouette material. Whereas ankle extra wide calf boots are also much liked by ladies while going out for parties.

It is suggested that certain considerations must be kept in view before buying this kind of shoes and these are mentioned under,

Shopping Tips for Extra Wide Calf boot:

  • Sharp measurements of the calf and foot should be taken before making a purchase.
  • If the jeans is worn in a style to tuck in the boots then extra width should be preferred to buy.
  • Always go for the high quality ones as cheap or low quality boots are never long lasting.

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