Pink High Heels For My Birthday Party

Pink High Heels For My Birthday Party

I am a petite women by nature and I personally don’t feel any shame or less confident by any way. Nature made me smartly packaged so I am thankful to God for blessing me with even short height. One of the greatest benefits I enjoy of being petite is of course heels which a taller woman can’t. I am really fond of high heels since my childhood and I keep on buying high heel no matter I need them or not.

Inspiration of pink heels

My craze for high heels is never ending. And this craze led me to buy pink high heels for my birthday. Actually the inspiration was from my favorite celebs’ shoes at Oscars held last month. The pink color was so sensational that I immediately decided that pink high heels are definitely going to supplement my birthday look.

Elegance with high heels

It is a renowned fact that heels make your walk elegant and perfect and if you want to add sensuality to your walk high heels are perfect for that matter. Pumps and flat foot on the contrary are although comfortable but lack this attribute. Additionally high heels can be worn with any dress. Pencil skirts, jeans, mini skirt, midis, maxis all go perfect with heels. When buying heels comfort should be the prime consideration. Some heels are although much tempting but hey lack comfort and make walk extremely strenuous resulting in foot sores. Never compromise on quality of heels since your feet is precious enough to be cared for.

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