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How To Wear Different Types Of Short
  Sleeve Cardigan

How To Wear Different Types Of Short Sleeve Cardigan

Cardigans are the cloths that
have important place in a woman’s closet. They have range in styles and
colours. Some cardigans are fit to certain body types and some go well with
certain outfits. Here are some of the notes to wear different types of short
sleeve cardigans.

A waist length short sleeve cardigan

As the name suggests, the length of the waist length cardigan
should not go below the waistline. Wear them with high waisted skirts and avoid
wearing long tops. If your body is pear shaped, waist length short sleeve
cardigans are ideal fit as they take away the prominence from your prominent

Oversized waist cardigan

Trick to wear an oversized cardigan is to pair them with skin fit
jeans and leggings. Keep away from loose bottoms while wearing an oversized
waist cardigan as it makes you look wide. Oversized cardigans can be
experimented with shorts and maxi dress for women who are tall. You can go
another step forward to use oversized waist cardigan itself as a

Short sleeve wrap cardigan

Wear short sleeve cardigan with jeans to flatten your figure.
Don’t wear them with short skirts as it creates an abnormal

Short sleeve boyfriend cardigan

Boyfriend cardigans are similar in structure to wrap cardigans so;
they go well with jeans and shorts. They do not work well with

There are no rules when it comes to fashion. You can always take
the risk to break the trends as long as you carry yourself well.

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