How To Properly And Elegantly Wear Lace

How To Properly And Elegantly Wear Lace Leggings

Every girl and woman loves lace. Whether it is a shirt or a pair of jeans with lace detail, no matter where it is, lace is always appreciated. Lace leggings in particular are sexy, cute and very attractive. Every girl would absolutely kill to get her hands on one. But after she does, she has to know the proper way of putting on lace leggings and how to transform it to be a sophisticated and elegant outfit.

  1. Choose Varying Colors

Grey and black are not the only colors there are. There are purple, red, green and blue lace leggings that you can get and rock on with. There are even leopard printed ones that look great with the right assortment of fashion items.

  1. The Right Shoes

Your entire outlook can be made and ruined with the shoes you wear. Classic peep toe high heels will not always make you look good. Sometimes platform shoes or even wedges can be the right candidates for your outfit. The volume of your shoe also determines the line and thickens of your legs.

  1. No Tight Tops

With tight leggings, a fitted shirt is a bad option. You will look tacky and cheap if you go for the tight head-to-toe style. Baggy sweaters and hoodies usually do the trick.

  1. Dresses

The fashion trends have now transformed to knitted sweaters and crewneck sweatshirts partnered with leggings but don’t forget that dresses still exist. When paired with lace leggings, dresses look elegant, sophisticated and safe. You should still pay attention to the 3rd tip for tight dresses will also give off a cheap look.

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