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  Of Vivienne Westwood Bag

Origin Of Vivienne Westwood Bag

This is a brief description of
how the Vivienne Westwood bags originate.

1971 to 1980:  In late 1960s the hippie Fashion look was
popular in London and become a fashion inspiration for the people but
Vivienne Westwood is completely different from others. Vivienne start
business by making clothes for Teddy boy. His first outlet was open in Kings
Road named as Let it rock. In 1972, biker clothing, zip and leather are
become prime concentration for designer. In 1976 reopening of Mclarin’s Sex
pistol’s after closing, punk rock style was introduced which was inspired by
D.I. Y aesthetic. At present the out outlet is known by the name as Worlds
End which was renamed in 1980.

1981-1987: In these years there was more innovations and a large
number of products were designed by Vivienne Westwood like clothes, bags and
many more. Vivienne Westwood bags were also designed in this period of time
and consistently become popular among the people.

This was how Vivienne Westwood started with the design of
different products which are in market now. It is the most popular brand
which people like these days and it has a large variety of products. It has
every product starting from clothes, bags and products of daily needs.
Vivienne Westwood bags are more liked by people these days as compared to any
other bags because of the design and making of the bag. The design of the bag
attract people and so the people prefer these bags the

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