Bridesmaid Dresses Are As  Important As
The Brides Dress  Itself

Why Bridesmaid Dresses Are As  Important As The Brides Dress  Itself

Most people think that when it comes to a wedding day only the bridesmaid dress matters. In reality the bridesmaids play a significant role in a wedding and their fashion statement also requires attention. You don’t want to give an impression that all of the dresses were brought from a cheap clearance sale. At the same time you do not want to overpower the bridal dress giving it a inferior feeling.

Common mistake that we usually do

Almost most of the focus is on the bride and her dress as she is the queen of this event. The bridesmaid dress ends up as a secondary. Planning sometimes is not good enough and you end up just selecting a colour or pattern which ends up looking odd and does not really match with the brides dress. You need to understand that as bridesmaids you are a vital part of this ceremony.

DO’s and DON’T’s

  • Some bridesmaid dresses end up looking more like a rug and less of a dress. Choose a smooth and silky material. It should not be too stiff.
  • Colour is another important criteria. Choose colour such as red, purple, black , light pink if the bridesmaid dress is white . If she has pursued some other colour and strayed away from the traditional white then you need to do a little bit of experimentation. If she has chosen a brighter colour its better if the bridesmaid choose a lighter one and vice versa.
  • Frocks and gowns are very attractive. But you got to choose which one is better for you. If the average no of people in the group are short it’s better to go with the frock as they would look too short in gowns. If tall then gowns are better.
  • Experiment a little bit with designs such as knots and a few flower designs or petal designs at the edges.

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