Exemplary Formal Shirt

Exemplary Formal Shirt

The formal shirt is the vital component of a man’s wardrobe. It lends a dignified personality and temperament to the wearer. A little attention to detail is definitely called for, while purchasing a formal shirt, which is also part of a man’s office wear. However modern and nonconformist a person maybe, certain aspects cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Features to look out for

There are some very important features that one has to look for in a formal shirt- the collar, the cuff, the fit, the placket or the button panel, pocket and the material used.


The collar is the most prominent and visible feature of the shirt. There are many types of collars like the point collar, button down collar, turndown collar, spread collar etc. The point collar is most associated with the formal shirt. Owing to its plain and quiet style it is blends well with both formal and casual shirts. It need not always be teamed with a tie.  The spread collar as the name suggests has the points of the collar placed wide apart and is to be worn with a tie. The buttoned down collar is buttoned to the shirt with the help of two small buttons and can be worn with or without the tie.


The cuff comes in various styles – Barrel cuff, French cuff, Turn back cuff. The French cuff is worn with cuff links.


The button panel is also called the placket. It is a vertical panel with button holes and overlaps the panel with the buttons on the right hand side of the shirt.


The typical formal shit has a single pocket sewn on to the left side of the shirt. It is meant to hold small things like a pen and a small piece of paper.


Formal shirts are usually made from materials cotton, silk, polyester blend, satin etc.

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