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Wedding Lingerie Shopping

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Wedding is known as the most special and auspicious event in the life of individuals. While talking about the celebrations and the decorations the most important thing to consider is the attire of the bride and the bridegroom and particularly their look of the day, everything else is less important. By attire one might take it as the outer bridal ...

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Tips For Sheer Bra

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Sheer bras are the see through intimate apparels that come in great designs and colours and measurements. They provide an intimate and spontaneous look without exposing much. They provide an entirely different outlook compared to other traditional lingerie. Purpose of the sheer bra Sheer bra provides the intimate look better than other type of intimate lingerie but it also should ...

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Dita Von Teese Lingerie The  Inside Story

Dita Von Teese to design lingerie for all siz

Dita Von Teese nee Heather Sweet of West Branch, Michigan, spent her growing days in fascination of the classical lingerie and the Hollywood. This influenced her to become a glamour girl and she later went on to become a burlesque heroine and finally became a fashion designer with specialty in lingerie. Popularity Like her line of clothes, the lingerie launch ...

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Hipster Underwear An  Introduction And Online Stores

Jockey Seamfree Air Hipster Underwear 2142 & Reviews - Bras .

Every girl deserves sexy and cute underwear. From the expensive ones for special occasions to others for everyday use. Underwear is always necessary whenever you go out but feeling confident for yourself is more important. And sometimes when you want to, you can wear long shirts with underwear only. For such ‘outfits’ you need hipster underwear because it looks sexy ...

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