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  Heels For Men And Women

Cuban Heels For Men And Women

industry has progressed a lot involving a series of experimentations. You
will surely be mesmerized to see the diversity of style and heels available
not only in women but also in men shoes. Where stiletto, pumps, wedges and
other high heels are popular among women vans shoes, leather boots,
Cuban heels
and glittery Beatle boots have marked tremendous
success in men footwear.

Variation in heels

When talking about classification of heels they are categorized as
follow. Mid heels, high heels and low heels are used in routine life while
heels higher than 6inch will be categorized as apparel and used occasionally.
Heel with less than 2.5 inch will be termed as low heel, mid heels range from
2.5-3.5 inch and high heels are above 3.5inch. Although men usually can’t
wear heels like women but a slight heel like in Cuban
will definitely add charm to the gait.

Men and women Cuban heels

Men with short statures although don’t have ample options but they
can get a little support from Cuban heels. Women on the
other side can use Cuban heels for creating versatile and eclectic look. If
you are a dance addict and you frequently visit ball rooms and dance parties
then Cuban heel will be definitely filling your footwear collection. You can
carry them effortlessly. The smart heel prevents you from tipping over
slippery and glazed surfaces. They give your butts a nice and curvy movement
when you are enjoying salsa or other form of dance.

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