Classy Hats For Men Making Bold Statement

Classy Hats For Men Making Bold Statement

Hats for men are in a sense exactly like a tuxedo on a man. There is an inexplicable charm about them that urges men to adorn their wardrobe with hats and women to swoon over the urban gentleman carrying the hat with elegance and style. But, as there happen to be a plethora of different hats for wear and use, the question arises of which hat indeed serves the purpose of a tuxedo? The answer to that is simply “all hats”, but, only provided that you know how to pair the right hat with the right attire.

Wide brimmed hats are all the rage as this fashion trend makes a comeback from decades ago. These hats suit attires that consist of a number of layers of clothing for purely logical reasons related to how you shall appear to the average onlooker. Baseball hats are great for casual outdoor wear especially in instances where the sun happens to be shining for that is the main purpose behind the hat.

Fedoras match well with formal attire as do homburgs. Earmuff hats are more for children than adults. However, you can still pull off earmuff hats provided that it is cold or you happen to be buried in a parka and trudging knee deep in snow. Believe it or not, boaters are still a thing, too. But, here’s the catch: you need to be over fifty years of age if you want to be able to pull it off right. Truth is, hats for men will always be in fashion as long as you know how to wear them!

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