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  Leggings And How To Wear Them

Printed Leggings And How To Wear Them

Leggings are tight and
non-transparent pants that are normally worn by women. It started becoming a
popular form of clothing in the early nineties. It is in fact a competitor to
jeans and though the craze of wearing leggings died down, as of a few years
ago, the fashion has caught on and has become an extremely popular type of
wear again. They are made of cotton or lycra. More than style, the leggings
became popular because of its utility. It is very comfortable to wear as part
of layered clothing especially in winters. Woolen leggings are perfect to
keep warm.  Leggings are generally footless and nowadays they come with
several prints and patterns embossed on them.

Tips on wearing printed leggings:

  1. Printed leggings with animal footprints or leopard marks on them
    go very well with neutral tops having bold colors and can be paired with flat
  2. If you are wearing a waistband to hold up the leggings, cover it
    up with a long and loose top. You can team it up with a cream colored jacket,
    if the leggings are dark.
  3. With a printed legging that has several colored patterns on it,
    go for a plain white top and knee high, red or brown boots.
  4. If you have wonderful designs on the ankle area of your leggings,
    opt for ankle boots to show off the patterns.
  5. If there are minimalistic designs on your leggings such as simple
    dots or cute hearts, go for a graphic tee and simple toe covered shoes to
    complete the look.

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