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  Hats Buying Guide

Bowler Hats Buying Guide

Bowler hats created a havoc in the fashion industry in the
20th century and since then have been a common choice
among the fashionistas when one wants to try a retro style. These hats are
known to complete a retro fashion clothing and are now being incorporated
with modern trends. The hats have a rounded crown as compared to the
conventional hats which have a more flat crown. So what are the factors one
needs to remember while buying bowler hats?

The Size

These hats come in different sizes depending on the size of one’s
head. These hats are supposed to sit comfortably on the head and snug only
slightly. It could be quite tricky to take the right measurement. Buying the
wrong size of head could result in continuous headaches. The hat must be
loose enough to give the comfort but at the same time snug to the head that
it does not fall off.

The Design

One of the best features of these hats are the warmth that they
provide to one wearing them. They are made using wool and fur. These hats
ensure that they trap the heat and are perfect for winters. The materials
provide a great texture for one and gives a good feel to wear them. The
design aspect of the bowler hat still keeps them quite popular among the

The Shape

Bowler hats are not one to fit in all the heads. They are more
like for one specific head and they do not change their shape easily. They
are sturdier than the normal hats. They are generally available in standard
sizes, but one could also order for custom made ones.

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