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Jean Styling Tips

Boyfriend Jean Styling Tips

Boyfriend jean got their name from their appearance. It literally means the jeans a girl borrows from her boyfriend. Being true to their names, the jeans look to be quite bigger for a girl’s size. One must remember that just because they are named boyfriend jean does not mean that they could fit the men too. Here are some of the styling tips with this jeans.

The Tops

This type of jeans are generally low waist fitted, as are most of the men jeans. They are perfect when they could be worn with short or mid-sized tank tops or patterned short tops. Adding a scarf would go a long way in defining one’s fashion quotient. The jeans usually include some cuts and worn down appearance which could also be taken in to consideration while dressing up.

The Belt

Belt is a must with this jeans, as they are known to be quite loosely fitted for girls. However, in this category the choices are just enormous for the girls. The belts for these jeans come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Leather is also a good option, but depending on the kind of top, one could decide on to wear the conventional leather ones or artistic patterned ones.

The Shoes

The best part about the boyfriend jean is it offers so much in terms wearing the right shoe. Basically there is no right shoe for this jean. One could wear a cool converse or trendy slip-ons. If the temperatures are too high sandals could work well too. And if one want to notch up the heat, the bootie stilettos are right choices to the jean.

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