Black Tie Dress Code Guide

Have you even seen the Oscars or been to any fundraising dinner for your favorite politician? If the answer to this question is Yes, well then you’re probably aware of the black tie dress code policy in these functions. However if you don’t have an idea, then you should know that a black tie dress code is where you will wear a formal tuxedo in black and your partner will also wear a gown or skirt that is formal and black. In this article, I will be telling you about the tips and tricks to consider if you want to look your utmost best at these events and attract attention.


It is important that the coat you wear to these events is to the highest standards and not your cheap 5in 100$ coats you get for sale. It is suggested to make a good one-time investment and buy or stitch one form a high-class Italian designer because Italian coats and tailors are known worldwide.


In this dress-code, it is important that you take careful consideration in deciding what type of accessories you need to bring along. A handkerchief is always recommended as it portrays you as a true gentleman while a wrist-watch should be avoided because in these events time is not a priority.


If you follow this guide and the tips, I have mentioned it is a guarantee that you will look the best among your friends and definetely steal the spotlight.

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