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  Dress Shirts For Formal Occasions And Style

Men Dress Shirts For Formal Occasions And Style

Have you ever thought what makes
your dress shirt prominent? It is the collar that takes your shirt from one
level to another. When it comes to choose men dress shirts, go for checking
the collar first. It is the spot that is lying right beneath your chin or in
other words your face is directly above the collar and eventually is defined
by the collar design and style immensely.

There are different aspects of collar construction and by the
style of it your shirt is defined to be a casual shirt or a formal shirt. You
must have seen banned collar. It is a bit away from men’s fashion but it is
ok for casual wearing. If you buy a shirt with a standard collar, it will be
a versatile option and very practical. Most of the shirts come in this and
they are the most likely chosen option of men.

When it comes to the color and style of your overall shirt, do not
go for cool and funky design shirts for formal occasions like office meetings
or a dinner. You need to stick to handsome styles in men dress shirts while
going for these events. Striped and plaid shirts are formal options. You can
go for plain fabric as well.  But in every case keep your shirt simple
as the secret of your charm is hidden in your simple outfit. Men with
intricacies outfit do not often attract top class girls!

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