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A Look
  At The Sequin Jacket

A Look At The Sequin Jacket

Sequin jackets are jackets
specially designed for women and young girls. They are literally designed to
attract others’ attention, which is made possible by their sparkling, shining
and dazzling appearance. Unlike in the past when they were just worn during
special occasions, they are now a common outfit in offices, clubs and

Choosing Sequin Jacket

The first step to choosing the most appropriate sequin jacket
starts with identifying type of occasion or event you plan to attend. A saucy
shaped jacket in such vivid colors as blue, gold, silver, hot pink or purple
is most appropriate when you plan to go clubbing or a simple night

Since office setting requires some level of professional
appearance, choose a jacket in such subdued colors as gold, beige, back,
white or grey. Such a jacket should go well with a contemporary trouser or

These are not only worn by women; they are also designed to be
worn by young girls. A sequin jacket that meshes well with jeans or leggings
is perfect for school especially when it comes to school party or dance.
Wearing the jacket with a minimalistic top that allows the jacket stand out
makes a modest outfit. It can indeed turn out perfectly well if the jacket is
worn with a slinky dress or skirt and a sequined shoe to produce an all-round
modest outfit.

Sequins are very glamorous and suitable for wear to any occasion or
event. The secret to most appropriate wear lies in keeping everything
balanced by ensuring that every other clothing remains simple and

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