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Fashionable Fur Coats

Wickedly Fashionable Fur Coats

Anything natural, be it food or
clothes, always has a universal appeal. So it transpired that the once
anti-fur, anti-animal skin brigade was suddenly warming to natural fur coats
made of mink, fox fur etc. and understandably so too. Natural animal fur does
have a warmth (that’s what it was made for!) that the synthetic fibers can
never hope to achieve.


There are a variety of fur coats available- mink, fox fur, rabbit
fur, karakul lamb skin etc to name a few. Until recently the animal rights
activists had taken the world by storm with their vehemence and vociferous
reprimands of the fashion industry for using these furs. They brought to
public notice the cruel torture the animas had to endure before being killed
for their much coveted fur. Now, suddenly the voices have gone quiet and eyes
averted when they come across the furs being used. The variety has bounced
back to add the spice in your life- so what if a few lives are snuffed out!


These furs are used to make long over coats, cloaks, caps, hats,
trimming for boots, lining for boots, throws, rugs, blankets, mufflers,
gloves, ear muffs, etc. It was believed that the fur used for trimming and
lining of boots and coats were fake and not real. But, it later came to light
that these trimmings were actual fur. The uses are plenty and

The cost

The down side of owning furs? – It costs a bomb! There is a
general opinion that the angst shown to anyone sporting fur in any form was
because furs were synonymous with the spending power- the power of money.
This was, according to the opinion, a spat between the haves and the
have-nots and nothing to do with compassion- else the protestors would not be
gorging on veal or steak!!

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