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Why A
  Bum Bag Can End Up Saving Your Life During A Trip

Why A Bum Bag Can End Up Saving Your Life During A Trip

Bum bag or fanny pack is a must
have if you travel a lot. . It used to be quite popular in the 90’s, now it
is seeing a return into the fashion world. A set of random t shirts and loose
jeans you are ready to go places. When you are travelling to many places bum
bag end up as saviour in many cases.

Why do I need one?

As a tourist it’s a must that you carry a bum bag because you
always carry a camera, smartphone and also medicines which is a must because
the food and water of that place might not agree with your system sometimes
and also if you are allergic or prone to sickness due to weather changes .
Also it’s better not to carry all your cash in your rear pockets. This is a
common mistake what many tourists. Never keep your credit cards in your purse
while travelling and never keep the cash in a single place. You never know
when you will end up pick pocketed.  So it’s better if you fill up all
this in your bum bag. You could always have a mini water bottle in your bum
bag you never know when you need it.

Wearing styles and material

You could wear on side of your hips or directly facing your waist.
Both look good as long as you have not overdone your dressing. Black coloured
ones go down well with any dressing. You could also look at having beaded
designs or flowers. If you dressing is more of plain coloured with no designs
then choose bum bags which looks more lvely , that is heavy on designs .
 I would suggest most of you go with bum bags having multiple
compartments and leather material. In case of adventure travel then you must
choose a polyester type material bum bags.  As it can hold much more
material and is much durable. If you are just want one for taking a stroll or
while jogging in your neighbourhood a single compartment bum bag works out

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