Cigarette Pants

Wearing Cigarette Pants

What are Cigarette pants?

Cigarette pants are well suited for a casual and tomboyish look. They are also called skinny pants and can suit all shapes. They have clean, crispy and cropped cut shape. The trousers are normally designed straight-up and to get a more feminine look, it is best to go for printed or metallic fabrics. You can wear them with bold colored jackets or with an oversized t-shirt.

Making your cigarette pants:

Cigarette pants can also be easily stitched at home to ensure a right fit and to make it even more economical. Using handy and quickly available tools, you can come up with unique patterns. In fact most, sewing classes have basic courses that teach how to stitch these pants yourself. There are two ways to do this. One is to make it from scratch using a pattern and the other is to alter and re stitch an existing baggy pant into a skinny one. You are lucky if you own a sewing machine as zig-zag patterns can be created with it all over the unfinished edges to create a neat look. Otherwise, liquid sealant can be used to seam the rough and unfinished edges. It is a good idea to always choose that fabric which has a stretch as this can make sure that the resulting fit is flexible. It is also important to pre-wash the fabric and dry it before a cut is made on it.

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