Vintage Spirit Of Suede Jacket

Vintage Spirit Of Suede Jacket

Jackets and coats made of suede have been very popular ever since 60s and 70s. With all the class and vintage style that they bring, they are still very common in the modern world too. Some of the good things about these jackets are that they can adapt to any time and trend and that they are made for men and women. Vintage never goes out of style and that is the category where this jacket is remarkable.

The materials.

This type of leather is made of underside of the skin, mostly lamb but other kind like goat, deer and calf are frequently used too. Suede is not as durable as standard leather because it does not include exterior tough skin layer. Thinness, softness and pliability made suede leather suitable for many uses. Known for the light brown color, suede jacket can be found in other shades too. Other fabrics often are often manufactured with napped or brushed finish to get a look that reminds of suede. Customers who prefer non-animal clothing often choose these fabrics over real suede.

Urban and country style jackets.

Except from the role in modern fashion world, suede jacket is inevitable in cowboy and country areas. The casual, relaxed look of this jacket along with similar hat and boots, are one of the things that define cowboys and country music lovers.

The way you decide to wear and combine this jacket depends on your taste, every clothing piece can be a way to show your own and unique style.

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