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Use Of
  The Diaper Bags

Use Of The Diaper Bags

Excited about the arrival of
your baby you start looking for things to buy for the new incumbent. That’s
where the dilemma begins- the big question of what you want and what you
need.  Of all things the most important is the diaper bag.

Why do you need a diaper bag?

Whenever you decide to grab a spot of fresh air with your little
one, you will have to carry a whole lot of essentials for the baby as well as
for yourself.  You will need to carry diapers (obviously- that’s what
the name says!), feeding bottle, wipes,  light blanket, toys, snacks,
changing mat, etc for the baby and for yourself, keys, shades, water bottle,
sunscreen, hand sanitizer, a light sweater, mobile, make up, wallet


The diaper bag has to be functional and versatile enough to
accommodate a host of things for both the baby and mom. It should also
include a pouch for stashing away the dirty diapers. The bags with well
organized storage both internal and external are a good buy. The external
storage could be used for storing mobile, keys, water bottle etc well within
reach.  The internal storage which has partitioned storage makes it easy
to store and access the various paraphernalia.


The quality of the bag is very important and needs to be given
careful consideration.  Ensure that the handle straps are sturdy and
will not snap easily. Check if the zip fasteners are closing and gliding
smoothly. Remember, that cheap can never be the best. So do not go in for the
cheap bargains however attractive they may seem. If budgeting is very
important, aim for the mid-ranged bags which will be of moderately good

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