The Tough Steely Toe Boots

The Tough Steely Toe Boots

A steel- toe boot which also goes by the name safety boot is a pair of long lasting shoes that has a supportive shield in the toe region and also a plate half way down the sole for protection from falling objects and any sharp substance piercing through the sole.

Material and utility

Usually, these shoes are made of steel. But sometimes other equally tough material like thermoplastic polyurethane or aluminum also is used to make the shoes. These boots are very useful in construction sites where the chances of heavy objects falling or other occupational hazards are possible. They are also useful in places where chances of being exposed to harmful chemicals and electric shocks are very high.


These shoes are grouped into and made according to various styles categories like         size- flat soled or high heeled or knee high boots,  climate- well padded for insulation from cold and well ventilated for air circulation,  profession, ailments- arthritis calcareous spur, diabetes, fashion trends , etc


These shoes are known for many of their features. They are made of high quality material that is extremely light weight and this makes it very comfortable to wear. Since they are used in areas which require rugged and rough usage, they are made of high quality leather which is very long lasting. They are skid proof and offer excellent grip. Being reinforced with sturdy material they offer highest protection and support for the feet. They are provided with removable gel pads for the heels to help reduce the stress on the knees.

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