Suave Double Breasted Suit

The Suave Double Breasted Suit

The double breasted suit which had gone on a break has returned fully invigorated, to take the world by storm! This wonder jacket appears to have hit the gym and acquire a sleek sculpted look.

The new look

The modern double breasted suit has acquired a new look through its sleeker and neater cuts. The new jacket has a tighter fit with closely fitting arms and armholes. The shoulders also fit normally and do not have extra padding that made the older version look broad and heavy shouldered. Once the jacket has been streamlined, can the trousers be left behind? The loosely fitting pleated trousers have undergone a major revamp and now sport a slimmer fit. The new look is subtly classy and understated.

When to wear the suit

The suit cannot be worn everywhere.  Being formal attire, it can be worn to office and to formal functions like weddings, formal dinners where a dress code is specified and to places where it is necessary to make an impressive statement. It is not appropriate to wear for the job interview, casual parties etc.

How to make a statement

You can make a strong statement by wearing the suit the right dignified way. Teaming it with an appropriate tie should do the trick. You can make a quiet yet strong statement by wearing the understated minimalist look by wearing somber and solid colored shirt and tie. You can create a loud and devil-may-care image by wearing a brightly colored shirt and tie as long as it does not clash with the jacket and it does require a lot of boldness and confidence to carry off the look.

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