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  Style Quotient Of The French Style

The Style Quotient Of The French Style

That the French are a stylish
lot is known the world over. French men and women alike have a penchant for
style and show it too. They give due attention to detail. The French are not
sold on wearing sweat shirts, t-shirts featuring rock bands etc. Even an
average teenager would put much effort to “cultivate” the carefully casual

The day attire.

On a regular day, the French would wear the semi- formal attire to
work. The no-nonsense yet very chic look is the most favored. The French
would be sporting classic fashion brands to work or during their daily

The evening wear

They are very particular about their attire for the evening out.
 Men could turn out in jeans or casual trousers teamed with a nice shirt
and classic shoes. Women wear simple clothes- nothing flamboyant but
something with neat and graceful cuts. They give more importance to the cut
and fall of the fabric than flashy accessories and make up.


They do not believe too much in heavy accessories. Simple and
minimalist approach is their style. They believe in the classic understated
look. They mix and match a lot and are very creative in putting together a
winning combination that blends both style and ease. They love dressing up,
but simplicity is the way with the French. They use simple things that are
outstanding in terms of design and style. If they wear jewelry it would most
often be some simple pearl chain or ear studs or belts and definitely a good
pair of footwear.

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