The Long And Short Of Sports Shorts

The Long And Short Of Sports Shorts

Sports shorts provide flexibility of movement that is crucial to any sport especially athletics. Therefore it is very important to choose the right kind of sports shorts- one that provides ease of movement along with breathability and comfort.

The ideal shorts

The ideal pair of shorts is one that is lined with a soft absorbent material that allows easy flow of air.  An ideal pair of shorts is lined with soft light weight crepe material which protects against abrasions on the skin. The absorbent material of the lining efficiently prevents the moisture from accumulating in the folds of the skin. The material also allows easy flow of air, making the shorts breathable.

Length of the shorts

The sports shorts can be worn in various lengths according to your convenience and comfort level.  The length varies from very short to half way up to the knees. If your thighs scrape against one another while running, it would be better to opt for longer shorts to guard against abrasions.

Style of shorts

Many people tend to opt for the “unisex” shorts. Now that is daft. Men and women are physiologically different in structure. The build of the hips and waist are radically different and so the shorts must take this into account.  Some shorts have provision for carrying the bare essentials like snacks while running long distances. They have broad waist band with pockets built into it. The shorts come in myriad colors and shades. Since recent times the younger generation has taken to wearing loose fitting shorts. This again is a matter of one’s own choice.

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