Suit Styles For Handsome And Appropriate

Suit Styles For Handsome And Appropriate Look

The lines that draw prominent rank for suit styles for men are known to distinct you as a gentleman with handsome look. Styles for men are many and many more you can create if you know how to keep your appearance in the frame of handsome and appropriate. Among the top most known suit styles for men are fresco, seersucker, chambray etc.

Apart from the cut and structure what makes your suit different and you prominent among the crowd? It is the combination of colors. The same color jacket and pants is a well-known suit styles for men but challenge comes when you find yourself bewildered in front of your cupboard not sure how to blend a jacket with a different dress pant to make a handsome combination. As you can see in the images below that this has no hard and fast rule. You have to act instantly and choose what makes you look awesome.

A pair of beige pants with light grey jacket seems no match if I say you to pick it but examine the image of the model with this combination. Do you doubt his striking look? Another example is more dashing of a style that is combined with light grey and black in the jacket and waist coat.  Two shades in one suit of same fabric and color! This is the creativity of the designer that takes him to new horizons of styles where creating handsome look out of some suit fabric or pants and jackets becomes possible.

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