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Stylish Women Heels

Stylish Women Heels

All women require a pair of high heels even if they require flats or sneakers. There are various reasons as to why they should put on these shoes as explained below;

Heels add height to a lady.

A woman may need to add height to match that of a boyfriend during a date and to feel more confident of their natural stature.

Attracts attention

Heels almost enhance any outfit besides making them look more assertive. As a result, the capture men`s attention and this makes ladies feel even better from how she looks.

Legs look amazing.

Changes ones posture and make legs look longer and leaner, sexy legs, tone legs muscles and improves a way she carries when she walk and stands.

Makes a lady looks thinner.

Fat women could comfortably were high heels to make them thinner because they force a woman to stand taller.

What are some of the tips for proper selection of heels?

It is important for a woman to choose the right heels so as to complement their outfit and enable them walk with ease.

Types of heels

Pumps:  a classic style with closed toes and suitable to be worn in office.

Stilettos: sexier type of heels with at least two- four inches mostly worn in non-office environment.

Wedges: worn mostly during summer but also appropriate for any other seasons.

Kitten heels: the shortest heels but popular in choice. Women can walk easily and more casual as compared to other types of heels. Worn mostly during summer.

Latest design and fashions

Some of the latest deigns and fashions are:

Black strappy heels, black/silver ladies formal peep, black formal open black heels, black closed heels, brown formal shoes, black round toe formal closed heels, black formal shoes purple faux suede heels among others.

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