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  Stilettos Shoes

Stylish Stilettos Shoes

The narrow high heeled shoes for
women are termed stilettos because it feels like walking on stilts especially
for short women. These shoes transform a woman making her feel at once
elegant and powerful. The stilettos which became popular in the 1950s have
remained so till dated in spite of the warning regarding possible health

Style with stiletto

The stilettos are very stylish and cater to every woman’s need to
be a good head and shoulder above the rest. It changes the way a woman walks,
stands, sits, basically her entire disposition. A woman derives a sense of
power and heightened esteem on wearing the stilettos. Of late they are meant
to exude an erotic aura rather than just enhance the height.  The
designers are making them in all possible styles like the thigh high boots,
the lace fastened stilettos, the knee high boots etc.

Shapely stilts

They come in various shapes like the pointed toes, round or square
toed ones. Not many can wear the pointed toes variety as they are not very
comfortable to wear. Most prefer shape is the round or the square toed

Splash of colors

The stilettos are available in a gamut of colors and
embellishments. The solid colored ones like the black and the maroon or
burgundy colored stilettos are very popular as they go with just about any
outfit. The stilettos are available in various colors and textures. They are
also embellished with sequins or crystals or animal prints

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