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Styling With Peplum Top

Styling With Peplum Top

If you are indecisive about how
to carry your peplum top we are here to guide you. This
article particularly relates to beautifying the aesthetics by wearing right
piece of clothing.

Casual look with peplum top

If you are more of a casual girl and loves informal look you can
pair peplum tops with number of options. Going for a
date or lunch? Just grab a good piece of skin fitted jeans coupled with some
nice heels garnished with peplum top. You can apply
light makeup and delicate accessories to optimize the look. You can also use
gaucho pants or palazzo pants to style yourself into boho chic. Your outlook
will be a combo of boho and your personalized style

Formal look with peplum top

If somehow your office gathering or corporate meeting is scheduled
at day time in outdoors you can use the same peplum top to create office or
formal look. For that matter a pencil skirt is a perfect option. It showcases
your elegance beautifully. A beaded necklace and small earrings would be
sufficient for formal look. Other long skirts also complement the formal
look. If you intend to move in a conservative environment you can pair
printed tights with your peplum top. Nice sunglasses and floppy hats will
further enhance the magnitude of your charm. Along with the dressing pay heed
to your make up skills as a great personality is a mix of outstanding
clothing augmented with exquisite hairstyles and fine accessories.

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