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  Pants For Trendy Street Styles

Striped Pants For Trendy Street Styles

Some garments might look absurd
and you may not like to wear them in public but when fashion designers make
up a design and set it in trends, you find it highly attractive and wearable
in every event. Striped pants are a good example of it. Now, in fashion, wide
stripes in black and white or other color shades are making top

Here comes the question, “how to wear stripy pants?” This new
inventory, sure, has a code to follow to highlight its perks and not to make it
a big flop in the world of fashion. Let’s see what the top fashion brands are
offering and how the models are wearing them to make them the hottest garment
of 2016. Team your black and white striped pants with a T shirt that is a bit
lose and is white or black in color. Toughen up your look with a denim
jacket. It is easy and simple!

A simple chunky sweater would serve fashion in town greatly if you
choose it with your stripy pants. Black and white floral blouse in light fabric
goes well instead of a sweater. Make a similar fabric button-up shirt with
your pants and above them put on a long coat to compliment your stripes.
Choose any color different than the stripes for the coat.

A lose light color stripy pant with a sleeveless blouse in white
looks cool. As summer is close and cotton pants in this light style are going
to be in top trends, you can have a few of them to supply your wardrobe with
sufficient trendy summer garments.

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