Red Wedding Dress Styles

Red Wedding Dress Styles

The Chinese and the Indians associate the color red with luck and auspiciousness. It is the color of vitality and strength. Dark and deep red also symbolizes willpower, courage and longing. So it is quite common to find brides from these nations all decked up in bright reds. It is the undoubtedly, the undisputed champion of romance. It adds on to the visual appeal and it can be seen in the other aspects of the wedding too. The bride in a red wedding dress would definitely be the center of attraction with all eyes on her alone. Some consider wearing red as a bridal dress is a means of attention seeking and extravagance, but it is not necessarily so. In the western regions, white is the most preferred color for a bride’s wedding dress. But surprisingly the trend is catching on to the other parts of the globe and there has been an increase in the usage of red colors even in the clientele from the USA and Europe.

Best ways to carry a red wedding dress:

Sometimes, wearing a red wedding dress with a dark shade alone as a bridal wear may garner unwanted attention and is sometimes taken as too loud and gaudy. In such cases, the best idea would be too avoid wearing a dress that is totally dipped in red dye. Instead, you can opt for combinations or dresses with a lighter shade of red. If you are planning to combine it with the traditional white, go for a dress which has red laced edges on the hem of the skirt or a dress with a ribbon of red that is tied along the back. This is will add to the charm.

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